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Expert Concours Restorations in Derby, KS

Not all classic car restorations are done in the same manner or with the same intentions. Some people restore vintage vehicles to use them in modern life, which requires some altering to get a decades-old car up to speed and safety standards. Others are happy to take their classic cars out for a spin on the weekend, and they want to turn heads, but they don’t plan to enter any shows or competitions. Then, there those who seek to return a vintage vehicle to its original glory—mint condition and then some—and that’s where a concours restoration comes in. ICS Collision Center has won and judged the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in Hilton Head, and we would love to offer our concours restoration services to you!

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What’s Involved in a Concours Restoration?

In the automotive industry, a full concours restoration is generally considered to be an unlimited reconstruction of a vehicle to 100-point perfection. And not only is the vehicle restored to complete originality, it is often much better than the original where it comes to fit and finish. With a concours restoration, every individual component and part of the car is refurbished, and all assemblies are completely dismantled and rebuilt to as-new condition. The metal body panels are straightened, so that plastic body filler is not necessary and only a minimum of lead filler may be required. Also, perfect leathers, knobs, and fasteners are used for the interior, always in the exact colors and styles as the original.

Here’s a list of what to expect with a concours restoration…

  • Use of all OEM parts and components, whether reconditioned or new old stock parts
  • Hand sanding and buffing
  • Use of premium primer and paint
  • Correct finishes for all components
  • Assembly markings duplicated to original as closely as possible
  • No waves in the vehicle body
  • All body lines matching uniformly
  • And more depending on your wishes and needs!

Contact ICS Collision Center to Discuss Your Concours Restoration Project

With a full concours restoration, you’ll own a work of art as much as you will an automobile, and you can expect to win at car shows and competitions. If you’re ready to embark on your concours restoration, please contact ICS Collision Center to discuss your dreams for your vehicle. Our highly skilled auto body technicians can make them a reality.